Bob Schmitt had a revolutionary idea.

Schmitt, with a degree in industrial engineering and a strong background in residential construction, thought that home construction could be done better.

“I made up my mind back in the mid-fifties,” he said, “that I was going to control the whole building process rather than sub-contract bits and pieces.”

And with that simple but profound philosophy, he built a company that continues to thrive more than six decades later.

Creating Communities

Ridgefield Neighborhood

Bob Schmitt Homes creates completely customized homes and communities. Each house is built to its owners' personal preferences and specifications. Everything is customized — the size, the floor plan, room layouts, room locations, finishes, and more. A home is one of the most significant investments a family makes. Why shouldn't it be a perfect fit?

These custom homes are built on beautiful land that is part of a Bob Schmitt Homes neighborhood. Stable, well-organized neighborhoods like Longbrook, Mills Creek, Ledgewood, Meadowood, Olympia, and many more have been created by Bob Schmitt Homes.

Currently, Bob Schmitt Homes is growing the Ridgefield Neighborhood in North Ridgefield. More than 600 homes have been built, and there is room for 350 more. The amenities are impressive — wooded land, park spaces, an Olympic swimming pool — but the best amenity of all is the community feeling.

These aren't just developments. Bob Schmitt Homes creates neighborhoods.

Highest Quality Materials

assembly facility

Bob Schmitt Homes builds high-end, customized homes at unbelievably reasonable prices. This is possible due to smart building practices and economy of scale. Unlike other developers, Bob Schmitt Homes manages every facet of the home construction.

Every detail — every doorknob, every lighting fixture, every paint color — is carefully considered and hand selected. Nothing but the best makes its way into a Bob Schmitt home. This all-encompassing management means the highest quality materials are available for a compelling price.

A storage and fabrication facility produces all wall sections and many other sub-assemblies.

Personalized Process

Bob Schmitt Homes doesn't have just a couple of pre-determined floor plans available. Unlike other builders, Bob Schmitt Homes' design process starts from scratch with each new client. Each home is narrative and personal.

In-depth conversations start the process. The designers and architects work with clients to determine how they live and what they want and need from their home. Then their home is drawn and designed — exclusively customized for each client.

Throughout the build out process, customers are welcome to visit their site as frequently as they like. Bob Schmitt Homes is committed to transparency and honesty. It is a point of pride that homes are completed extremely close to the promised date. Finished projects are typically within 2% of the initial estimated budget.

Experience Excellence

Every member of the Bob Schmitt Homes team is committed to providing an excellent experience for our customers and clients. Designers, real estate agents, architects, building managers, attorneys, and more all work to create a team that offers excellence in every aspect of purchasing and building a home.

Building a home with Bob Schmitt gives buyers the freedom to dream, knowing that talented and experienced professionals are focused on making their dream a reality.

Building a Future

Bob Schmitt passed away at the age of 92 in 2010. His nephew, Mike, continues to run Bob Schmitt homes — building on the foundation of the values, standards, and traditions created by his family, expanding into the future.

Let Bob Schmitt Homes show you why they've been in business for more than six decades. Talk to a member of the team today.

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